Talks & Webinars

We’ve found this to be a great introduction to raising Diversity & Inclusion awareness within your workforce. Sessions are informal and interactive, as we encourage all members of the audience to take part by sharing past experiences and current challenges.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Bias and Privilege – the impact this has on the hiring process, colleague relationships and how a brand is perceived by potential employees and consumers.
  • Navigating Race, Gender and Class within the Workplace – combating stereotypes and fostering positive discussions about our differences and why it’s essential to have a diverse workforce.
  • Intersectional Diversity – understanding the importance of intersectionality and how employees’ multiple identities define their experiences.
  • Ethnicity and Gender Pay Gaps – looking at a case study, we’ll explore why these disparities still exist and what employers can do to address them.
  • Health and Mental Wellbeing – the mental and physical impact staff may be suffering from due to a lack of Diversity & Inclusion practices within the workplace. How to identify issues and useful techniques for reporting and managing them.